Curriculum vitae




1955 born in Montreal
1967-1970 School of Fine arts in Montreal, part-time
1974-1977 studies in medical records
1977-1979 private lessons in painting technique oil
1985 Moving from Montreal to Switzerland
1991 private lessons in engraving and etching, a printer of Art from Winterthur
1992-1995 Private lessons India ink by a professor of the Conservatory of Winterthur




1983 oil paintings and drawings, City of Montreal Health
1986 watercolors and inks, the City Gallery in Lausanne
1987 watercolor and ink (pen), Gallery in Stein am Rhein
1988 watercolor and ink (pen), Dorfkafi in Winterthur
1990 order 2 "ex-libris" Stefan Hauser for a collector, Zürich
1991 oils on canvas, Fair concert Reutlingen
1997 acrylic on canvas, Alte Kaserne Winterthur
1999 oil on canvas on display, Galerie Pro Arte Morges
2003 acrylic and India ink, Bodo optical Lausanne
2006 acrylic and India ink "Women, Inuit and chinoiserie", EPFL Faculty of Science and Technology Engineering Lausanne
2008 acrylic and India ink "to print", EPFL Faculty of Science and Technology Engineering Lausanne
2009 indian ink, painted collages, jewelry, fashion, David Lausanne search
2010 creation of the "Collar of Carole" David research and small-parade event with people and dogs wearing collars, street of Lausanne
2011 customization of the book from the library of the Rolex Learning Center, EPFL Creating Hats-party books, library, EPFL
2013 in December, Bibi Bob, Dijon
2014 in December, at La Dolce Vita, Dijon
2015 in February, at City of Dijon, The House of Seniors. Dijon
2015 acrylic and Indian ink, at the gallery of The Space of Framer, Dijon from May 27 to June 13
2015 2016 acrylic on canvas, at "Maison D'Être" in Dijon, December and January.